My Music

Pop Music:

The Horizon Is Ours – Underground Sound A Cappella (feat. soloists Daniel Wolfert and Lisa Hawkins)

Chamber Music:

Grandiloquence for Cello & Piano – Bronwyn Hagerty (Cello) | Brenda Miller (Piano)

Echoes of Tefilot – Brandi Main (Violin)

Babbling in Three Movements – Minna Stelzner (Alto Sax) | Hayden Harper (Tenor Sax) | Tim Flock (Baritone Sax)

Ruckus: Trio for Flute, Percussion & Cello – Megan Reich (Flute) | Clark Nichols (Percussion) | Bronwyn Hagerty (Cello)

Musical Theater:

Good Enough to Eat: An Opera in Miniature – Lexa Hospenthal (Soprano) | Lindsey Long (Soprano) | Lauren Eliason (Mezzo-Soprano) | Bailey White (Tenor) | Wyatt Jackson (Bass-Baritone) | Brenda Miller (Piano) | Jenna Jenna Tariyatrairong (clarinet) | Davis Hampton (Bass Clarinet)

Check out more of my music on my Youtube channel, DwolfMakesMusic!